Self-Watering planters

Our Self-Watering Planters allow you to have live plants without the maintenance of traditional planters.

We carry more than 200 different planters. We can also customize (color, shape and size) planters out of aluminum, stainless steel as well as fiber glass. Our designers can create the perfect planters for your needs. We also supply liners and self watering systems that can be integrated to any planters.

  • Fill the water reservoir once every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Floor and tabletops designs available
  • Wicking irrigation system
  • Over 200 designs


  • 1 water level indicator
  • 2 water supply shaft
  • 3 lechuza® absorbing aggregates
  • 4 seperator
  • 5 water reservoir
  • 6 drain plugs