The Team

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Moss, meetings, more moss, more meetings…
I love to jog!

Nicolas Rousseau


MSc. Horticulture Engineer

+1 855 436 2919 – ext. 4


It all started with ...

Growing up in France, I was fascinated by the positive, essential impact plants have on our well-being. In 2006, with a Masters in Plant Physiology from the University of Poitiers, I planted myself in the world of horticultural research, and continued to study horticultural engineering and Green Buildings at the National Institute of Horticulture in Angers, France.

Arriving in Canada a few years later, driven by my passion, I jumped into extensive plant research at the Centre for Architectural Ecology at BCIT in Vancouver.

Living wall design was a newer concept in Canada and I was eager to be involved. I saw that Canada, and Vancouver in particular, while rich in outdoor nature, lacked the integration of plants and nature in indoor spaces, and specifically in interior design.

I believed that the potential green, living wall technology had to revolutionize the indoor spaces of Canadians. This is why I created ByNature.

Today, our customers are consistently impressed with our design options and the impact plant life has on their personal and professional lives.

This is what brings me joy and keeps me inspired.

Meet the rest of the Dream Team

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Miriel Ko

Project Manager | Design & Consultation

The world is your oyster and as long as there is an ocean nearby, I will be there to explore it!

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Tammeryn Johnson

Project Estimator | Lead Interior Designer

We’re all here to contribute to the wellbeing of our Earth, find out what you’re here for and make it your life’s work to bring it to life

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Caroline Lardans

Production and Logistic Manager

Saucisson, Crêpes, Burgers, French fries, Raclette cheese, Madeleines, Chocolate… I eat them all !!

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Julie Voisin

Creative Director & Marketing Specialist

Yes, I still can work while I’m travelling or hiking!!

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Natacha Ollivier

Executive Assistant

I love climbing, not only up and down the stairs to get to ByNature studio, but also in the great outdoors!

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Aurélien Paggi

Horticulturist / Lead installer
Plant a tree and your grandchildren will have a branch to attach their swing.
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David Prière

Operations Manager

Passionate about the film industry, I sometimes work as a background performer in my spare time. If you’re in luck, you might be able to see my arm, the back of my head, or my shoulder on your favourite TV show or the next blockbuster movie.

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Florian Morin

Production Team Manager

Photography and cinema have been my greatest passions since a young age. When I have time, I like going outside of Vancouver to take best shots in nature or during my travels around the world for my instagram account. I like watching movies or listening to my vinyl collection to relax.

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Production Assistant
Secret tip:
Play music to your plants, they’ll grow faster
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Production Assistant

Imagination will get you everywhere

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Production Assistant

Shine the Light

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Production Assistant
Because of flowers rhyme with « bonheur » …
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Production Assistant

Work, Travel. Save.

You like our work, your home is full of plants and you have jokes you’d like to share?
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