FS Financial

January 2014 – June 2014Designer :ByNature Location :Vancouver, BC Biophilic System(s) :ModuloGreen Living Wall system The automatic irrigation system is hidden behind the aluminum frame. Dimension :60 square ft Number of plants :300 Species :4 (Peace Lily – Boston Fern – Spider Plant – Calathea) Irrigation frequency :6min – Every 5 days Light :Natural

Good Earth Building – Colliers

Designer’s VisionThe living wall was installed to bring a positive change to the building aesthetic and it aligns with Colliers commitment to sustainability and greener buildingsDesigner :ByNature Location :Vancouver, BC – 595 Howe St Biophilic System(s):ModuloGreen living wall Dimension :180 sq.ft Project Description :Wall planted with Pothos ‘Golden’, Pothos ‘Marble Queen’, Spider plant and Philo…