Canderel's Vision

Originally we had intended to install a wood Feature Wall in the location where the Mossart wall was completed however it was not meeting the design intent given some existing building conditions. As result we looked for an alternative that would still allow for the introduction of a natural element into the office design. We liked the idea of a preserved moss wall upon learning it is more of a sustainable installation in comparison to a living wall. Additionally the cost of the installation was essentially the same as the previously designed wood wall but less than a living wall. The moss design itself was neutral enough in color selection to provide a nice uniform contrast with the other elements of the modern office design.

  • Designer :


  • Location :

    Vancouver, BC

  • Biophilic System(s):

    Mix Moss Wall

  • Dimension :

    70 sq.ft

  • Project Description :

    Mix of preserved Pole Moss, Sheet Moss and Fern Moss