Modulogreen Living Walls

Plants thrive when they grow in rich, natural soil with access to regular light and water. That’s why we use the ModuloGreen® Living Wall which comes with a special substrate, growing material, to ensure optimal plant growth, low maintenance and water consumption requirements.

ModuloGreen® Living Walls are also easy to install and one of the most cost-efficient for both you and the environment.

Modulo sizes & Features

  • Low cost
  • Biodiversity
  • Low maintenance
  • Wall protection
  • Phonic absorbent
  • Sustainable
  • Energy saving
  • Low in water consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Large plant diversity
  • Easy planting
  • Recyclable
  • Engineered growing medium
  • C2C® certified

The ModuloGreen® Living Wall system is the first Cradle-to-Cradle certified living wall system in the world. Made from recycled plastic and recyclable after use, the smart design of the module also evenly distributes and circulates water while optimizing the system’s water consumption (220 litres / m2 / year for an exterior living wall or 110 litres / m2 / year for an indoor wall).

The System

Modulogreen® green walls are mounted using a wide diversity of methods and materials with the idea of keeping installation easy. Traditional studs can be used for small indoor applications while engineered brackets can be used for outdoor large scale applications. Traditionally, air space between the wall and the living wall is created to limit the risk of condensation.

Panel Installation

Irrigation system

Proper irrigation of a green wall requires a dedicated water supply. Ideally, a living wall system should be plugged into the main water supply with an automatic irrigation system (pictured on the left) or irrigated with rainwater (if outdoors). If there is no access to water, a reservoir connected to a pump and timer assembly can be installed or the wall can be hand watered.