ByNature Bios

Miriel Ko
Partner & Project Manager

Miriel is ByNature’s Vice President where she supports the team in both project management and consultation. An environmental scientist and integrated sustainable designer by trade, Miriel understands the fundamentals of how to bridge the gap between our natural and built world. Studying both in Canada and overseas in Singapore, she has explored diverse developments, climates and population pressures that give rise to the need for biophilic design. Working alongside various architects and designers, her past projects include the inception of liveable communities that not only nourished human health but also environmental sustainability. A contributor of various publications in Green Architecture, she brings her insight on global issues and integrated design to the ByNature team. Recently made Partner, Miriel hopes to continue to paint the world Green by developing new and innovative ways to bring nature back into our everyday lives.

Aurélien Paggi
Partner & ABCD Officer

Aurélien grew up in gardens. From his family garden and seasons spent harvesting grapes in southern France, to working with some of France’s inspiring and notable botanical gardens and Vancouver’s premier landscapers, his adventures and experiences have led him to ByNature. For Aurélien, plants teach us so much about what is good about life. Taking time to notice nature’s patterns and relationships is what inspires his designs and motivates him to bring the natural world closer to the ByNature community. His favourite part of being a project designer is getting to know his clients and helping them create spaces that are inspiring, innovative, and personal. Aurélien is thrilled to be part of the ByNature family because together we make it possible to bring a connection to nature to everybody and make it accessible anywhere.

Jacob Nowakowski
Partner & Project Manager

Jacob is a Project Manager and Designer who has a passion for nature. His love for the industry began as a child where he helped his father build residential landscapes during his summer vacations. Ponds and native garden plantings are what initially sparked his inner fire. Watching people interact with koi ponds and the landscape that surrounded them, he began to learn that the relationship between humans and nature was not only enjoyable, but vital. He is a Landscape Designer who understands the importance of bringing nature into our lives. Having built several successful landscapes, his new adventure has begun with ByNature!