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les mains d'une femme tenant un bouquet de fleurs stabilisées

How to use preserved flowers?

Image by Freepik Preserved flowers have become the new “it” thing in the world of biophilic design. With their everlasting beauty and very low maintenance, these floral wonders have captured…

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Indoor Plants

5 benefits of indoor plants

Indoor plants are not just beautiful decorations that can liven up a room, they have also been found to provide a number of health and wellness benefits. But how come…

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Biophilic Design

What is Biophilic Design?

Plants fulfill an ancient, profound need. This is Biophilia In 1984, Harvard biologist Dr. Ed Wilson named our natural human affinity for nature, Biophilia. When referring to humans’ “love of…

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Reindeer Moss

Designing with Reindeer Moss

The Reindeer Moss also named Deer Moss or Caribou Moss is a light-colored Fruticose (bushy, branched)Lichen (Cladonia Rangiferina). As its name suggests it, it is the primary food for Reindeer.…

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