Specialists in Biophilic Design We create strong connections between
nature and man-made indoor environments
ByNature also supplies, rents and installs planters

Our Projects

ByNature brings greenery to residential and commercial projects in some of the most innovative ways.

Our growing network of partners, including architects, designers, landscapers, engineers and creative innovators, bring their unique expertise to transform your living space into a better place.

We've worked with them

Whether small scale, large scale, living or preserved, we are always happy to bring our green expertise to our clients all over North America.

Our Products

ByNature is a leader in bringing nature into any space! Discover our wide range of innovative preserved, living and faux products.

Serving Canada & U.S.

We do
  • Innovative Design
  • Site Consultation
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Wall & Product Rental

Recent News

Our passionate team of specialists always has something to say about the latest trends and technologies in Biophilic design.

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