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Lunch & Learn

Nature, the way we see it

Biophilic Design brings the beauty of nature into our indoor spaces, creating harmonious and inspiring environments that improve well-being and productivity. During our Lunch & Learn, we’ll have the pleasure of introducing you to the world of Biophilic Design, and how it can transform the spaces where we live and work!

Our trusted partners at ByNature will guide you through the principles and benefits of Biophilic Design, and you’ll have the opportunity to see real-world examples of its application throughout our past projects. This is a unique chance to discover how the power of nature can be harnessed to enhance our lives.

In person Lunch & Learns are available around Vancouver, Toronto and Québec. Otherwise, we can do a remote Lunch & Learn.

What's on the menu?

We’re taking care of the culinary delights! You’ll enjoy a an awesome lunch while you listen to our presentation. Please let us know your dietary preferences and restrictions or any specific requests so we can ensure your meal is tailored to your taste. If you choose to have the Lunch & Learn in remote, we can deliver the lunch to one location.

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