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ByNature took root in Vancouver in 2012 with the belief that plants have great benefits on our lives and that our indoor spaces needed to be healthier. Our mission is to connect people with nature by improving how they experience the indoor space and make their lives more enjoyable.

This is why we created a unique green product line – to liven up and brighten up our daily routine and environment. We aspire to bring nature into everyone’s lives by creating an experience for all.

Today, ByNature is located in Vancouver and Toronto, with about 30+ employees in total. We were also happy to open a new office in Québec later last year.

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  • Consultation
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Our vision

Nature plays an essential role in our lives by improving our wellness, happiness, health, and even our productivity. Yet, while we spend 85% of our time indoors, there is still an increasing lack of nature in our living spaces… this is where Biophilic Design comes into the light!

ByNature believes that any space could be transformed into a healthy environment. We aspire to bring nature into everyone’s lives by creating an experience for people to enjoy, breathe and feel good.

“Living wall design was a newer concept in Canada and I was eager to be involved. I saw that Canada, and Vancouver in particular, while rich in outdoor nature, lacked the integration of plants and nature in indoor spaces, and specifically in interior design.”

Nicolas Rousseau, Founder and President of ByNature.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use real moss?

Yes, the moss we use is real, but it’s not living anymore because it has been preserved.

What does 'preserved' mean?

Preserved means the moss isn’t going to grow anymore and it won’t die: it’s like it’s frozen in time. The products and plants we use are preserved without the use of chemicals with both natural oils and food dyes.

Do I have to water a preserved moss wall?

No, you don’t have to water a preserved moss wall – it is totally maintenance-free. Mossart creations are made using preserved products which require no maintenance. The eco-friendly process to preserve the moss consists of replacing the water in the plant with glycerin and food dye. As there is no water in the plant, it will never dry out and maintain its natural texture.

What is the lifespan of preserved products?

It depends on many factors: we don’t recommend having any direct sunlight as it can fade the colors and damage the moss; heaters, air conditioners and humidity should also be considered. Preserved plants have a lifespan of 1 to 8+ years. If plants begin to wilt, they may have reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replanted.

Does the preserved moss have a smell?

You may experience a natural scent for a few months, which will progressively fade.

Is it sustainable?

ByNature has an ISO certification for the sustainable harvesting practices of our Lichen in Norway, and we are working on achieving the same ISO certification for our other mosses from other countries.

Where does the moss come from?

The raw materials used in ByNature’s Mossart and Preserved Folia walls are a combination of preserved mosses, lichens, and plants. The lichen used is grown in Norway, while other mosses come from Italy, France, and Spain. Our preserved plants are also sourced from a variety of European countries as well as parts of South America.

These natural materials are sourced exclusively from farms that have shown a strong commitment to sustainability and follow strict ecological practices. Lichen takes 20 years to grow, therefore, ByNature’s partnered farms will not harvest more than 5% of a field at any time. Once harvested, fields are left to repopulate for at least 20 years before being revisited. Our preserved plants are also grown in controlled environments with the intention to be harvested for preservation. No plant harvesting is done in nature, which limits the process’s environmental impact.

What are pre-manufactured panels?

You have two options: you can buy our moss through our wholesale portal or choose the pre-manufactured panels option, which means our production team will manufacture the panels to create the design you want. We have two production teams: one located in Vancouver and another one in Toronto.

Can I install preserved plants on something else than a wall?

Of course, you can! Biophilic Design is not only about creating moss/plant walls: moss and plants can be installed on the floor, and on the ceiling or we can also create some great planters with preserved products. We love to get creative and find the best solution for your space, wherever is it.

Can a preserved wall be installed outside?

Preserved walls are only installed indoors, we don’t install them outdoors. We can however provide faux plants for outdoor installations.

How is it installed?

The moss is usually glued onto a sheet of Coroplast (other panel options are available). They can be easily installed directly onto drywall or plywood. You can install it yourself (we have an installation guide you can follow) but we usually like to do it ourselves or leave it to our partners who are installation experts.

Can you create a specific design for me?

We can totally design something for you! You can send us inspirational pictures or past projects we have made to get a sense of what you want and we will design a project for you. The benefit of working with our Biophilic Specialists is that we can create something which will perfectly fit into your space to make the best of it.

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If you need more information about ByNature or if you have any press inquiries, please contact marie@bynaturedesign.ca.