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Enhance your indoor space with biophilic design principles by incorporating indoor plants and interior landscaping. Our professional team of plant experts at ByNature specializes in creating custom designs that fit your individual needs and interior space. From homes and offices to hotels and restaurants, our range of services can be adapted to any space for clients across North America.

Our team is dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining an indoor green environment that is beautiful, promotes well-being, and aligns with your specific needs and preferences.


We may visit your space to evaluate conditions and suitability of biophilic installations and to take measurements.


We have the design tools and the know-how to create custom designs and renders based on your preference and project needs.


We may specify and advise the lighting and/or irrigation requirements for live plant features. We can also source plants and supporting materials.


We create and build the product in our workshop.


If you require a moss wall for your event, planters or preserved frames for your office we have rental options for you.Just contact our Sales department for a complete list of possibilities.


We provide installation and maintenance guidelines for our biophilic systems but we can also have one of our trained partners handle these tasks for you. We provide a diversity of maintenance services across North America.

Our offices are located in Vancouver and Toronto

We provide services all across Canada and the U.S. with our certified partners

Now Serving all Canadian Provinces and Territories

Now Serving all U.S. States

Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, Iran, Kenya, France, Belize, Bahrain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, Portland, and Switzerland