Educational Programs

We offer a range of educative solutions to make you feel more confident about indoor plants. It will help you to (re)connect with nature. We will show you that indoor plants are NOT inaccessible, dirty, hard to keep alive, fragile and that they usually do not require a lot of maintenance or knowledge.

Our workshops are for learning about how to bring plants into your life with our innovative systems & ideas and a place to have fun with your friends or coworkers.

School Programs

We teach kids the importance of plants as part of our inner connection to nature, how they can create their own little garden and much more. We have different courses available. Each course includes a “planting lab”.

Workshops (for businesses and organizations)

We inspire you with our vision and passion about nature and show you how to incorporate  greenery into your living space. Each workshop includes a step by step “planting demonstration”.

Lunch & Learn

We present “Nature” the way you know it and compare it to “Nature” the way we see it as inspiration for your future. We will explain why we need to be more connected to nature and how we can easily achieve this goal, at home or at the office.

Enjoy this presentation while you are having lunch!

Green walls Course at BCIT

Each year, Nicolas Rousseau, ByNature’s President, teaches the GROW 1500 Green Walls – Design, Site Logistics and Implementation Course at the BCIT, Centre for Architectural Ecology. For more information, visit this link.