Preserved Planters

Enhance your living space with our preserved planters. Our planter pots are meticulously chosen to bring nature’s beauty indoors. Whether you’re looking for hanging planters or stylish indoor planters, we have the perfect solution to elevate your home decor. Our preserved plants offer the charm of living greenery without the need for maintenance! With our preserved planters, you can enjoy the serenity and freshness of nature effortlessly. Bring life to your surroundings with our stunning selection of preserved planters and say goodbye to the hassle of upkeep.

Step by step, create your perfect planter

1. Find your planter

If you don’t already have a planter for your project, we offer a variety of planter lines with different finishes for you to choose from. When it comes to preserved planters, you can choose any size or shape as long as it matches your needs.


2. Select your preserved plants

With more than 500 preserved products stored in our Toronto and Vancouver warehouses, we will certainly be able to find something that fits your desires for your biophilic project. From preserved moss to preserved ferns, flowers and foliage, everything is possible for your indoor planters! You can show us a selection of preserved plants you’d like to have on your planters or let our designers choose for you depending on the style you want to go for.

We ship to Canada and the US!