Reindeer Moss

Our Reindeer Moss, actually a lichen, is our most popular preserved product for both large and small applications. From natural to bold shades, Reindeer Moss comes in 17 different colours that our team uses to create unique and lush Mossart designs such as frames, wall tiles, and logos.

As there is no water in Mossart creations, the moss can also be integrated to any kind of designs or furniture without any risk of water damage.


Mossart creations are made with 100% natural mosses that require no watering, light or trimming.
Harvested according to ecological practices, the moss is preserved by replacing the water in the plant with glycerine. As there is no longer any water in the plant, it will not dry out and will maintain its natural texture.


Mossart is an indoor-use product only and its softness may vary according to the relative humidity of the room. In the case of a very dry environment (below 30% humidity), the moss may dry out but you will find that it will become soft again if placed in a room with higher relative humidity or when the relative humidity goes back to a normal level. This variation is usually related to the season. A relative humidity considered “normal” in an indoor space is usually between 45 and 65%.

When soft, the moss should never be watered or sprayed. Be aware that the ‘’softness state’’ of the moss does not change its look, it will always look green, fresh and natural. You will experience a natural scent for a few months, which will progressively fade. The Mossart product should never be placed in direct sunlight as the colour may fade. If required, the moss could be carefully dusted using a blow dryer on a cool temperature setting.


Dark Green, Orange, Burgundy, Charcoal, Red, Grass green, Silver grey, Ice blue, Spring green, Mint, Natural, Olive, Yellow, Pacific green, Pink, Purple, Blue Lavender


Grade A (left): higher quality using only the top part of the moss
Grade B (right): made with top and bottom part of the moss


ByNature reindeer moss panels have been tested in a lab and are considered non flammable under the standard CAN/ULC-S102-10, “standard method for surface burning characteristics of building materials and assemblies”.

Full flammability report available upon request – contact us


Mossart Wall Panels have significant sound-absorption.
According to a study conducted by the Centre for Architectural Ecology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), sound absorption is relatively high with signal number ratings (NRC and SAA) in the range of a 3/4”-1” fibre board, or a carpet on underlay pad.

Absorption in this range can be useful in conference rooms and classrooms to improve speech intelligibility and the quality of verbal communication by lowering the echo in a room and buffering the level of outside noise.

Full acoustic report available upon request – contact us