Folia Preserved Plants

Folia Preserved plants are 100% natural and have been stopped in their growing process using an eco-friendly method. These plants do not require any maintenance, no watering, no trimming, no sunlight and last for years!

Reindeer Moss

This preserved Reindeer Lichen does not require any maintenance or natural light. It is preserved using glycerin and then coloured with food dyes.

Sheet moss

This preserved moss is thinner which can add a different texture to designs or be used when a smoother base layer is desired. Like all our mosses it is completely maintenance free!

Pole Moss

With its rounded shape, preserved pole moss brings volume and a contemporary look to your space. Like all of our moss,It is completely maintenance free!

Preserved Folia Trees

The preserved trees can be successfully mixed with fresh or Folia plants for complete design freedom to generate different environments and effects.

Mix Moss Walls

The nice particularity of this product is that the mix of all the mosses creates a special and distinct design, a design that fits your taste and envy.

BioMontage with ByNature's inserts

The BioMontage system with ByNature’s inserts is easy to install, two-piece, fire-resistant frames that hold natural materials on walls. It will incorporate natural elements into your built environment!