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ByNature’s exclusive line of 100% naturally preserved plants and flowers can be used to create an endless number of designs. Occassion worthy centrepieces that will last, wall art, crafts and beautiful vase arrangements of any size. This natural decor will last for years and will not require any maintenance.

  • No natural light, water or trimming required.
  • Long-lasting preserved natural decor.
  • No size or design limitations
  • 50+ plant varieties available. 100% natural.

Available Formats

Folia Preserved Frames

For residential, commercial, public or work spaces, we can create a piece of art with preserved plants, moss, and wood collected in Beautiful British Columbia. The size, material and colour of the frame can be custom made. If you have a design in mind, we will be happy to create it for you!

Folia Wall Art

To add a unique, natural, green touch to your interior, custom made designs can be arranged for you. For any size of wall, utilizing a variety of indoor preserved plants, we will create a design incorporating your ideas and style preferences.

Bulk foliage

Preserved flowers foliage

We have over 50 different species of preserved plants and types of flowers available. Discover our wide variety of fern leaves, eucalyptus, oak, grass, ruscus and more. Our Preserved Product catalogue contains a complete list and images of the plants we carry. Also, if you are looking for a specific type that is not listed, we will be happy to see if we can find it for you.


Custom Designs

Because you have your ideas in mind and specific needs for your space we partner with wood, metal, plexiglass suppliers arranging custom frames and laser cut images and/or  logos to create the best design possible. Together we can create a piece for your walls, ceilings and/or exhibition booth with your specific image that will both stand out and fit right in with your plan.

How are our Preserved Plants made?

Our Folia creations are made with 100% natural flowers and real plants that require no watering, natural light, nor trimming. Cultivated or harvested according to ecological practices, our foliage, ferns, and flowers are no longer living and require little to no maintenance. They are preserved without the use of chemicals by using both natural oil and natural food dyes. As the oil mimics the water in the plant, they still appear live and can maintain a natural appearance for months or years to come (6 months to 5-10 years for plants/flowers; please refer to life expectancy of individual plants).

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