Mossart Pixels

Pixels are 4” x 4” reindeer moss tiles that come in a variety of colours, giving you the versatility to easily create endless patterns and designs. The reindeer moss tiles have sound dampening properties which assist in achieving better acoustics in your space while bringing in life and a sense of playfulness. Get creative, get inspired, get designing with Pixels!

Mossart Domes

Domes are lightweight circles that are easily mounted to a wall to assist with sound absorption in a room. They add a unique decor element to any room and can be created in any of our Reindeer Moss colours for your perfect fit.


Dome sizing options

Diameter : 12″ – 18″ – 24″

Thickness : 4′ – 5″

Custom sizes available upon request

Mossart Spheres

Spheres are lightweight moss balls with sound dampening properties that are designed to be suspended from the ceiling. They are made from Reindeer Moss and can be ordered in any of the colours we stock.


Sphere sizing option (Diameter)

3″ – 6″ – 8″ – 12″ – 16″ – 24″ – 30″

Custom sizes available upon request

Mossart Rings

Rings are moss circles in beautiful, round, natural wood frames that can easily be hung onto your wall or set on a table as a decor piece. You can choose any moss type and colour that we stock to fill your frame, giving you a larger variety of textures and colours to design with.


Ring sizing option

Diameter : 15″ – 17″ – 20″

Thickness : 3′ – 4″

Custom sizes available upon request

Most popular patterns

Mossart Wall Paper

Entire walls can be covered by repeating patterned tiles

  1. Pick your moss species
  2. Pick your colours
  3. Pick your pattern

Custom patterns available upon request