Preserved Folia Trees

Natural preserved trees create humanized and enjoyable living spaces which allow us to relax and be more creative.

They allow us to soften structural elements of architecture. Bringing nature indoors adds a note of colour and creates a unique space.

They are not growing: the preservation process stops any biological process that promotes the aging of the plant therefore they last for years and significantly lower the need for re-purchasing.

Preserved trees help define and customize the environment!

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Preserved Folia Trees Catalogue
What is Preserved?

Mossart and Folia creations are made with 100% natural mosses, flowers and plants that require no watering, natural light, nor trimming. Cultivated or harvested according to ecological practices, the mosses, plants and flowers are no longer living and require little to no maintenance. They are preserved without the use of chemicals by using both a natural oil and natural food dyes. As the oil mimics the water in the plant, they still appear live and can maintain a natural appearance for months or years to come (6 months to 5-10 years for plants/flowers and 8+ years for t he preserved mosses; please refer to life expectancy of individual plants).