Interior Design

We have broadened our service offering to include interior design services to assist you in creating a holistic design that includes not only the green elements but also the furniture and finishes specifications. Our focus is to create interior spaces that use eco friendly and local products to ensure that VOCs and other toxins are minimised. Our integrated design team, including interior designers, horticultural engineers, scientists and project managers work together with you to create a biophilic environment that delights the senses.

We offer two services within interior design
Our design experts support the design industry in achieving WELL certified projects
We assist in solving modern design challenges that our clients face when wanting to create a biophilic space
What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design is a holistic way of designing spaces that enhances the natural bond between people, nature and other natural elements.

Our offices are located in Vancouver and Toronto

We provide services all across Canada and the U.S. with our certified partners

Now Serving all Canadian Provinces and Territories

Now Serving all U.S. States

Brasil, Australia, Pakistan, Iran, Kenya, France, Belize, Bahrain, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, Portland, and Switzerland