Modulogreen Living Walls

A sustainable living wall system designed to conserve water and to be low maintenance. ByNature’s ModuloGreen living wall is the only Cradle-to-Cradle certified sustainable living wall on the market!

C+P Living Walls

C+P is an integrated and sustainable solution for climate control, air purification, acoustics, and greening. It offers solutions for designing spaces for people in a sustainable way.

Felt Pocket Living Walls

Do you want to build your own living wall? ByNature’s Felt Pocket living wall system is a great way to create your own DIY vertical gardens, inside or outside.

NextGen Living Walls

Easy to install and to plant, when proper Lighting is present, virtually any kind of plant can thrive in the NextGen Living Walls.

LiveSystem Living Walls and Frames

The right option if you are looking for a low maintenance living wall system. Fully integrated, the LiveSystems reservoir and wick system limits watering frequency to once per month.

WallFlower Living Frames

Let your walls take on another dimension with our Wallflower living frames. A living piece of art, these frames come in diverse sizes and colours bringing any space to life.

Self-Watering Planters

Our contemporary, stylish planters come with a self-watering system. We customize the shape and the colours so they fit perfectly with your space and design.