LiveSystems Living Walls and Frames

All Live systems use a cloth wick to deliver water to the plants, so there is no need for pumps, drip lines, electricity or plumbing.

  • Wicking irrigation system
  • Low maintenance, water once every 4-6 weeks
  • Easy installation – no plumbing or electricity required
  • Lightweight system can be installed directly onto drywall
  • Easy cassette replacements and seasonal rotations
  • Interchangeable plant cassettes
  • Customizable frames
LivePicture living frames


LivePicture 1

28.5″ x 28.5″ – 26.5 lb
holds 9 plants
Silver – Dark Grey – White – Custom Wrap

LivePicture 3

60″ x 28.5″ x 2.75″ – 46.5 lb
holds 27 plants
Silver – Dark Grey – White – Custom Wrap

LivePicture XL

67″ x 44.5″x 2.75″ – 77 lb
holds 54 plants
Silver – Custom Wrap

LivePicture 2

44.5″ x 28.5″ x 2.75″ – 36.5 lb
holds 18 plants
Silver – Dark Grey – White – Custom Wrap

LivePicture 4

76″ x 28.5″ x 2.75″ – 46.5 lb
holds 27 plants
Silver – Dark Grey – White – Custom Wrap

Freestanding LiveDivider

71″ x 44.5″ x 5.5″
54 plants per side
Silver – Custom Wrap

205 lb (single sided)
282 lb (double sided)
20 gallons water capacity


LivePicture living walls


15.75 x 15.75 x 3.5 inch

  • 1 cassette (9 four inch plants each)
  • 2 cotton wick
  • 3 gutter/reservoir
  • 1 decorative frame (optional)
  • 2 plant cassettes
  • 3 gutters
  • 4 cotton wick
  • 5 wall

Each gutter acts as the water reservoir for the row of cassettes above it. The bottom of the gutters have clips to secure the row of cassettes below it in place. The gutters are connected to one another on one end by a flexible hose system


  • 4.5 plants per square foot
  • 8.2 lb per square foot (full with plants and water)
  • uses ~0.65 gallons of water per 10sf per week (varies depending on lighting & plants)
LivePicture GO


  • DIMENSIONS : 51.6 x 51.6 x 11.2 cm (L x H x D).

  • COLOURS : White | Grey | Red | Black (Other colours available: Please ask for the options).

  • MATERIAL : Frame: ASA. Plant cassette: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene).

  • WEIGHT : 2.7 kg excluding water and plants. ± 5 kg including water and plants.

  • MAINTENANCE : Clean the frame with a soft micro cloth and non-aggressive soap. Use of aggressive cleaning agents is not recommended.

  • PLANT CASSETTE : The interchangeable plant cassette is equipped with 2 plant pockets that can accommodate a total of 6 plants (3 plants per slot) of 9 cm pot size (P9).

  • WATERING : 2 litre hand-fillable water tank. The water tank is equipped with an empty and full indicator. Works without electricity, drainage or water connection.

  • INSTALLATION : Supplied with an installation template, instructions and materials.

  • APPLICATION : For indoor and outdoor use.

  • SUGGESTED PLANTS : House plants, herbs, succulents, grasses.

LivePicture GO’s versatility means it can be used both indoor and outdoor, as single or multiple units. Its plant cassette are easily removable and you can fill the pockets with plants that match your own taste, allowing you complete flexibility to suit your own preferences or change them whenever you choose. Mounting your living plant picture is easy too, the two screws and installation guide we provide.

Easy & Fun Green

LivePicture GO has its own indicator that will let you know when the water tank needs filling. It has enough water storage capacity to supply sufficient water for at least 4 weeks. LivePicture GO has a capillary feature within the plant cassette ensuring the plants are supplied with the correct amount of water without you needing to think about it.