Faux Flora Panels | ByNature

Faux Flora Panels are used to create stunning vertical gardens and the best green wall art. This product will bring the organic shapes and colours of nature to your space with zero maintenance.

  • Unique 3 panel solution
  • Each panel measures 35.45 x 35.45” (900mm x 900mm)
  • The panels can be cut to fit bespoke areas
  • Fire and UV solar weather tested foliage
  • Lightweight aerated system
  • No maintenance
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 Standards

Each faux plant wall panel has been carefully designed to mimic the growing patterns and realistic movement of natural foliage and to prevent any visible repetition in planting. Contact us to learn more about our products and services for faux plant wall decor, and discover our different alternatives for your installation.

Faux Green Wall Panels at ByNature

ByNature Faux Flora panels are beautifully curated to use ultra-realistic foliage to create a completely natural-looking green wall. The artificial greenery panels feature plants at varying heights to create rich colour and texture throughout the wall. The panels also feature various different shades of greens to emulate new growths and different species.

Faux Green Wall Panels

All Green

Faux Green Wall Panels

Designer Lavender

Faux Green Wall Panels

Lush Green Plus Yellow

Faux Green Wall Panels

Luxury White

Faux Green Wall Panels

Tropical Garden

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