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A great imitation of nature, our realistic artificial plants and trees mimic living products perfectly, thanks to their authentic colours and textures. Like real plants, they have a positive impact on the way people feel in a space. When living or preserved plants do not work in a space because of indoor environmental conditions, these exquisite faux plants become the best option. Faux plants are also perfect for outdoor use as they are weather-resistant and durable.

More than 1000 options are available

Discover our Faux Plants, Flowers, Trees & More

Artistically curated for you! Discover the difference between traditional fake plants in the market and ByNature’s faux plants, our designs will give you the freedom to get truly creative with the spaces you have, be it at home or work.

Trailing Plants & Garlands

Trailing Plants & Garlands

ByNature’s faux ceiling and planter installations are a beautiful way to add cascading greenery from above. The wide selection of faux plants ensures you will have a truly unique installation in you space. These zero maintenance plants are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and options are available with UV and IFR ratings.

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Plant Sprays, Leaves, Ferns & Grasses

Plants can be used in large curations for built-in planters or as subtle potted accents around your space. Learn more about our completely maintenance-free options for faux grass, leaves, ferns, and plant sprays. Our team of skilled and creative designers will be able to create a truly unique space for you!

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Faux Flowers & Succulents

Compliment your space’s greenery with a pop of colour! From stems to sprays, we have flowers available in all different shapes, colours and sizes, such as geraniums, orchids, magnolias, and more. Our curated selection of faux succulents are hyper-realistic and can be combined in multiple ways to create unique planter designs.

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Trees & Potted Plants

Whether you are looking for large artificial plants or smaller potted plants, at ByNature we have you covered. Liven up your space and pick an easy option by opting for a beautiful faux tree, which requires no maintenance. Discover our variety of different shapes, species, and sizes to best fit your space!

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