ES Living Walls

Earth Studio Living Walls

Our newest system to join ByNature, Earth Studio is a modular, vertical garden system catered to professionals and homeowners alike. Inspired by bees – nature’s ultimate gardeners – the honeycomb-designed plant pockets enable a number of configurations suitable for any space.

  • Modular design (reservoir and plant pockets) and scalable
  • Custom sizes available


ES Living Wall
The hexagonal design allows for all plants to be planted flush against each other, hiding the hardware and creating a lush carpet of greenery from up close or far off. This also means that your display is ready from Day 1 – you don’t have to wait for the plants to grow.
  • Automated system
  • Flexible, fast, fullness guaranteed
  • Design flexibility
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Recycled

The Earth Studio Living Green Wall is a unique centrepiece, beautifully crafted to bring what you love of the outside, inside.