Our Products

ByNature is a leader in bringing nature into your living space! Discover our wide range of innovative products from preserved mosses to living frames.

  • Living walls : Living walls are vertical gardens that bring life to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Living frames: we offer a variety of ornamental products that allow you to integrate greenery in your indoor space in a variety of ways.
  • Planters: Our self-watering planters allow you to have live plants without the maintenance of traditional planters.

Our plants and mosses are preserved in an innovative and eco-friendly way using 100% natural oils and food dye. This allows the plants to maintain their authenticity without the need for maintenance

– Folia Preserved Plants
– Reindeer Moss
– Sheet moss
– Pole Moss

– Boxcar Bench
– LYFE Planter
– Everything Planter / Everything Table
– Babylone Light
– Well Light Planter
– Hemisphere Pendant Planter

– Ava Byte