C+P Living Walls

The C+P Living Walls are an integrated and sustainable solution for climate control, air purification, acoustics, and greening.

Based on the biophilic design principle, they bring a piece of nature into the environment by using natural elements such as water and plants to create a healthy indoor climate and to increase human wellbeing. Not only pleasant indoor air quality but also acoustics are crucial, especially in a work environment: work, meeting, and quiet zones must be divided sensibly in order to optimize sound intensity in a room and to ensure adequate speech intelligibility in the respective areas.

The plants are automatically irrigated and fertilized by installed irrigation pipes at regular intervals. This requires an irrigation and fertilization control system which is centrally located near the green walls.

Application areas for climate walls

The biggest advantage of the climate wall is the possibility of zonal climate control: defined areas of a room occupied by people can be air-conditioned selectively, while the remaining zones remain unconditioned. This makes it possible to save valuable energy, for example in open space offices, production buildings, or high production halls.

In buildings without air conditioning, a cooling fountain also functions as a pleasant place to rest and relax for the users. During the summer heat, the cooled water film serves as a natural source of relaxation. Such recreational areas also increase the attractiveness of e.g. fitness studios, spa areas, shopping malls, or other leisure facilities. As a natural element, water radiates vitality and freshness, bringing the human body and mind into balance.

Mobile elements

Step widths

800, 1000, 1200

Step heights

1310, 1635, 1980

Base H x D

400 x 400, 750 x 400

Automatic stationary walls

Step widths

800, 1000, 1200

Step heights

as required

Base H x D

100 x 400


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